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April 25, 2016

Morning Practice: How I Spend the First Hour of the Day

Morning Practice - How I Spend the First Hour of the Day | Beauty Bets

Well good morning! How did you spend it? Chasing babies, hitting the tread mill, or catching up on the blogs? When the lovely team at Byrdie asked what I do in the first hour of the day, I think they were expecting I’d share my favorite foundation and how I take in my coffee (Jane Iredale BB Cream and whole milk, btw). But lately my a.m. practice has been much more about well-being then being put together. I’m trying to start each day with mediation and exercise, even if it’s five minutes followed by a walk around the block with the dog. The busier my life has become the more sacred I’ve been keeping my mornings. If I don’t get grounded before I walk out the door, I tend to feel like a balloon hanging on by a string, blowing wherever the day takes me. Some mornings are still reduced to dry shampoo and an Americano—or putting the finishing touches on a blog post because you watched Sisters the night before instead of writing . . . It’s been eye-opening how hard my wellness routine is to keep up not because I don’t have time, but because I’m programmed to think that “work” is productive, and everything else is if I have time. That can’t be right. One thing that helps: Holding off on checking email and not scheduling any early meetings if I can avoid it. Next mission is to put myself to bed earlier. Such a night owl.

Here’s the Byrdie story, which captures the morning routines of ten beauty bloggers. There’s some fantastic skincare advice in there, as well as reassurance that we aren’t all morning people who can’t wait whip up a green smoothie! What’s your morning routine? Any rituals you can’t leave the house without?

P.S. Sending so much love to all of you who wrote, commented, tweeted or texted encouragement regarding last week’s post about my struggles with weight gain and body image. Just knowing we are in the tough stuff together makes it all the more motivating to take action—and keep writing. 

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