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April 14, 2016

Calyx Makes a Comeback

Calyx Makes a Comeback | Beauty Bets I am so not a fruity perfume person, which is odd considering I came of age in the mid-aughts, when fruity-floral-shampoo fragrances were all the rage and we doused ourselves in body splashes that smelled of synthetic green apples … or the way someone imagined a green apple should smell, which is apparently redolent of a Jolly Rancher. I thought my generation’s penchant for these sorta-basic perfumes turned me off of fruit-based fragrances for good. That is, until I met Calyx.

Calyx was a super-popular scent in the ‘90s, which is why I have no familiarity with it, considering I spent the ‘90s in elementary school. It was originally produced by Prescriptives, which went under for awhile. Calyx didn’t die, though, because Clinique picked it up and brought it “back,” which is how I discovered it. Oh Clinique, I just love you! Calyx captured my heart despite the fact that it is a big, bright, juicy bouquet of a fragrance, with a grapefruit and mandarin top note that screams “I’m your summer fragrance!” However, sandalwood and vetiver, along with a very subtle lily note, keep it smelling fresh and green instead of syrupy and sweet. (Thank god.) It’s not my usual jam, which is probably why I love it. I feel like I’m doing something super unexpected when I wear Calyx. Hey, they said the ‘90s are back.

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