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March 13, 2016

Where I’ll Be: Dinacharya Rituals Workshop at Spot Spa


With the Spring Equinox approaching, now is the time to nurture a stronger connection with yourself. Although I am grateful for all of the nesting time that winter afforded me, it was more of a restorative time. Spring has more of a catalyst vibe, for looking at what is speaking to my soul, what has shifted with my priorities, what needs tending—then making changes accordingly. It’s a fresh start, a time for resetting. To jumpstart the renewal process, I signed up for the Dinacharya Rituals on Tuesday, March 15, at Spot Spa Uptown’s Learning Bar. Dinacharya (Sanskrit for ‘daily routine’) are one way to start integrating Ayurveda into your life, something I’ve always been curious about but haven’t put fully into practice. Led by Ayurvedic bodyworker + expert Rachel Lyn Durga, the workshop is designed to promote a radiant, calm approach to our abundantly full lives. We will learn about our doshas and vikruti (imbalances of your natural state) in a light and loving way with like-minded souls. How amazing does that sound?! And everyone goes home with a Dinacharya kit that includes a custom blended Self-Abhyanga body oil. $95 includes the workshop and a take-home kit // Book Your Spot asap—there are just a few left! 

Spot Spa Uptown
1600 West Lake St., Mpls.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016


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