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January 14, 2016

The Future of Skincare + Why I Can’t Stop Touching My Face

The Future of Skincare | Beauty Bets

When it comes to new skincare lines, it takes a pretty surprising claim or ingredient to turn my head. Silk Therapeutics introduced themselves as the first company to harness the power of pure liquid silk, an active anti-aging ingredient that partners with the skin, versus sitting on the surface level or serving as nothing more than a filler. Silk Therapeutics’ founders developed the line after years of studying the use of silk-based products in medicine. Their patented liquid silk protects the potency and purity of other active ingredients in each product (a key differentiator to efficacy and shelf life), and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, preservatives or synthetic fillers. Please and thank you!

Silk Therapeutics | Beauty Bets

Maybe it’s all of the sci-fi movies I’ve seen of late, like Star Wars and The Martian, but Silk Therapeutics has a futuristic quality to it. The products have a cooling, jelly-like consistency that’s pretty far out, as are the results. My favorites from the line include the Silk Smoothing Complex, a multi-tasker that softens fine lines and pigmentation while creating a flawless base under your moisturizer or makeup. Just look at the before and after photos! Even more mind-boggling: The 10-minute Skin Renewing Peel. I’ve tried them all and this one totally transformed my skin in just one use. The combination of glycolic and lactic acid—a combination normally reserved for professional-grade skincare—delivered that smooth, post-peel glow that I usually have to go to the spa for. And, despite zero redness or stinging, my skin hasn’t felt this smooth since maybe ever.

Silk Therapeutics and the Future of Skincare | Beauty Bets

I’ve never used anything like the Fine Line Lifting Film: clear, nickel-sized discs that dissolve into the skin when you add water. They contain a whopping 20% Vitamin C and silk—that’s it. As a mini facial, I followed the peel by massaging the film around my eye area where crow’s feet and hyperpigmentation is the worst. Once again, I experience that taut, smooth feeling that told me this stuff was working. After 10 minutes you rinse off any residual film and voila: visibly more flawless and undeniably firmer skin.

The Future of Skincare + Why I Can't Stop Touching my Face | Beauty Bets

Finally, if you’re one of those people who hates heavy eye creams but still wants the benefits, then the Silk Eye Revive is everything. More like a serum than a cream, it’s cooling and contains caffeine for dark circles—all of which makes it extra eye-opening the morning.

So that’s the scoop on silk. Who knew? And, if you happen to see me caressing my face in public, you’ll know why.



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