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September 13, 2015

Sunday’s New Moon in Virgo: What is Your Soul Purpose?

New Moon in Virgo

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Buckle up, party people! We are in for one epic week thanks to a New Moon in Virgo on Sunday. It’s also a partial Solar Eclipse, meaning it’s extra powerful. “Eclipses herald major beginnings and completions,” says astrologer Kelley Rosano. “You are taking care of business with the Virgo Eclipse. This is a fresh start in your work, health and goals. You are being re-calibrated, reset and readjusted to a higher vibration. What gives you passion? What is your soul purpose? What is your service in the world?”

New and full moons can affect us for days before an afterward. Be easy on yourself and carve out some alone time to process any feelings that come up. They can hit hard and be confusing, but on the other side is clarity. Examine what has been holding you back from living your full potential, from fully healing, from finding the love you want and the life you deserve—then let it go. I like to think of the moon as a celestial goddess. She is beautiful, bright and all-knowing. How often do you look up at her and ask for answers or help? Now is the perfect time to start.

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