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September 10, 2015

Brand to Love (Like, A Lot): Aesop

Brand to Love: Aesop

I’ve come to the conclusion that we all need more of one thing, and that’s vacation days. After a few months of feeling worn out at work, I took a much-needed vacay to Portland to see what all the fuss is about. From the incredible $5 food trucks to the cutest little shops I’ve ever seen, I’m totally smitten with Stumptown.

Brands to Love: Aesop

One of my favorite shops was Aesop, an Australian beauty brand with to-die-for apothecary packaging and boutiques to match. For those of you new to Aesop, let me introduce you. This collection of unisex skin, hair and body care products are a seriously legit mix of science and nature, with plant-based and lab-formulate ingredients to solve a variety of grooming woes.

Brands to Love: Aesop

Best of all, everything smells close-your-eyes amazing (think that signature Aveda scent, only better!). I had to resist the urge to snag one of everything in the store. Luckily the staff are incredibly knowledgeable, do an amazing job of picking out the right products for your needs, and are extra generous with the free samples.Brands to Love: Aesop

And can we talk real quick about their gorgeous interiors? Swoon! Every store is different, but I loved Portland’s West End location best of all. That sink and perfectly charred fir-wood interior are seriously stunning. Now the only question remains: When can we move in?

Brands to Love: Aesop

Have you tried Aesop products? Any absolute favorites we need to get our hands on?

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