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May 6, 2015

Korea Dreaming with AMOREPACIFIC


Two weeks after my Korean island adventure, I’m finally getting back on a schedule. Honestly, how I survived a whirlwind 55 hours of travel in four days yet can’t seem to kick the return jet lag is baffling. Or exotic. Yes, I’m going with exotic. The reason for the season was the green tea growing season. Jeju Island, off the coast of South Korea, is one of the world’s top three green tea producers—and I’m not talking about the stuff in your Starbuck’s. Every April for just 15 days, the first young leaves are harvested for use in tea like you’ve never tasted and skincare like you’ve probably never experienced.I visited AMOREPACIFIC’S green tea fields to pick and taste a few delicate shoots for myself. Who knew green tea grew like a hedge? So precious and fleeting, the delicate baby shoots are literally worth their weight in gold. They’re also extremely rich in antioxidants and growth factors. Which is why AMOREPACIFIC—THE Korean skincare brand since 1954—grows them, harvests them and painstakingly extracts their stem cells for its Time Response line.


Green tea stem cells, green tea EGCG, and green tea saponin are combined into a powerful, patented compound, proven in studies I heard all about (while sipping on green tea) to renew aging skin cells for age-reversing results. I normally would balk at $450 a jar, but after seeing what goes into the cultivation, care and extraction process of these plants, it actually makes perfect sense. My skin also feels firmer and looks smoother since starting the regimen—like I’ve given myself a daily mini-facial. In addition to the aforementioned Skin Renewal Creme, I love the Eye Renewal Creme ($260) for its richness and illuminators that belied my 14-hour flight. If you’ve ever seen pristine Korean skin that you have some idea of how diligent these women are about skincare. I got another glimpse when AMOREPACIFIC sent one of the country’s top estheticians to my room for THE most exacting yet relaxing facial. The precision and acupressure massage were out of this world.

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Other highlights of the two-day ritual included yoga and mediation, something I’ve been trying to do at least a few times a week—it does wonder for your skin, in addition to my monkey mind!


I’m still obsessing about this black bathroom (brushed gold fixtures!), spotted at Ossuloc Tea Museum, near the farm. Also worth noting: Most toilet seats in Korea are HEATED. I will spare you a photo of this. And in the villa where I stayed, classical music came on every time I walked into the bathroom. To encourage relaxation??

If you’re curious about AMOREPACIFIC’S Time Response line, consider the introductory regimen. Or, drink more green tea.

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