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April 6, 2015

Why Fucks Don’t Grow On Trees


I suppose it’s too late to warn you that this post may not be suitable for work, my mom, or anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good f-bomb. I’m in the camp that believes there’s nothing more gratifying or effective than a well-placed swear word. Especially in the case of Mark Manson’s now-viral The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. If you haven’t read it yet, stop whatever you’re doing, pour another cup of coffee, and get over any hang-ups because this article is about to raise your consciousness and shift your perspective on anything you’ve held too dear. I’ve never laughed so hard, seen life so clearly, or said fuck so many times as I have since this gem came into my life.

The premise: We only have so many fucks to hand out in life. And yet most of us give them away like “ice cream at goddamn summer camp.” How much time, energy and heart have you just GIVEN AWAY to people and situations that didn’t fucking deserve them? How much of your spirit has been blotted out by caring about that which you cannot change? Those fucks don’t grow on trees, you guys. They need to be tended to and extended sparingly, when it really matters. (Listen to your higher self, it always knows what you need.) Otherwise, you’re left feeling depleted, empty, and even out of control. Whose life is it when you give more of a fuck about everything and everyone else but yourself? I’ve lived that life and it is not why we are on the planet. Stressing about what other people think, whether you are enough, why a boy hasn’t called . . . those are not fuckworthy. They keep us from living in the present and embracing all of the good things that are right in front of us. You are preventing the natural order of things by giving a fuck. The world NEEDS you to take your fucks back so that you can get on with discovering your true purpose. May the fucking force be with us all on this journey!

  • Elizabeth Dehn
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