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March 10, 2015

It’s Never Too Soon for Self Tanner

In the fall, you practically have to pry the self-tanner from my hands before I’m willing to embrace the pale. So now that spring (or at least spring break) is within sight, I’m ready to go. Bring on the bronze! I’ve been testing out a few new finds in preparation and Sally Beauty’s Tanwise line has already risen to the top.

tanwise group

Doesn’t the clean packaging alone make you want to line your bathroom shelf with the stuff? I’ve tried dozens of self-tanner formulas but always come back to the ones that are easy to use, produce the most naturally golden glow, and actually smell nice (there are some doozies out there). Tanwise’s Sunless Tanning Lotion ($10.99) does all that, moisturizes with coconut oil, AND develops beautifully in just three hours. That, my friends, is spring break on demand.

tanwise face

My favorite from the line, however, is the Self-Tanning Face Gel ($6.99). I’ve found that gels in general work best and this one does not disappoint. Tinted to ensure even application, it’s ideal for all skin types because you can layer under your moisturizer and/or makeup. Use it in the evening and you’ll wake up with a totally believable bronze glow. Who needs spring?

The Tanwise line is available year-round at While you’re shopping, check out more award-wining beautiful finds at beautiful prices, hand-picked by my fellow beauty bloggers!

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