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March 9, 2015

See You at the Barre!


This morning I completed my fifth barre class in a week as part of Pure Barre’s Pure Madness (20 classes in 31 days). I got talked into this by friends who hit the barre like it’s a Starbuck’s. Prior to the challenge I’d taken two classes and didn’t love them. Not because the teachers aren’t engaging or the method effective, but because it was EXCRUCIATING. Nothing—not marathon training, not shredding up the slopes or hours on the elliptical—prepared me for barre. I’ve admitted in the past to not doing things that I’m not good at, and in the spirit of embracing imperfection (ie life!) I’ve been giving myself a new challenge each month. February was hot yoga, March is barre. April is Prescribe Nutrition’s Balance series (promo code: beautybets). Since starting last week I hurt in muscles I didn’t even know existed. I used to pride myself on having a strong core and I can’t even make it through the ab series without MULTIPLE breaks. I miss and appreciate my yoga classes like a warm, cozy blanket. Nothing has physically challenged me like the barre. Then again, nothing has surprised me quite like it either. I actually look forward to going now. I love the morale support of the group and fact that no one is competing—including for the best Lululemon outfit. We are all on our own journey and the instructors cheer us by name on no matter how far along you might be (a big shout-out to Ashley for putting up with my whining).

If this sounds like exactly what your soul or swimsuit season ordered, there’s still time to sign up for Pure Madness. The last day to get in 20 classes is March 11. Each Pure Barre studio is competing as a team so all you have to do is find one in your neighborhood! No ballet moves or flexibility required!

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