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January 5, 2015

Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide


Last night there was a gorgeous full moon in Cancer—did you feel it?!  I’m a Cancer baby so this one was particularly close to home, but the message is the same for us all:  a reminder to use your feelings to guide your life. Full moons reverberate for about five days after they happen so take this week to really tune in. One of my favorite astrologists Kelley Rosano (her horoscope vids are just a trip), says:

What you think and feel matters. Feelings are your indicators in every moment. Feelings don’t lie. Feelings are never right or wrong. Feelings are the best part of you. Your power lies in what you do with your feelings. The Full Moon in Cancer is engaging your conscious awareness to the profound shifts you have made internally deep within self. These changes are revealed through the external events that have or are occurring in your life. These are moving, changing jobs and evolving your beliefs. Letting go of what no longer serves your life path destiny. This is the call of the hour.

As someone who is often run (to a fault!) by her feelings, this gave me much to think about. How often do we water down or disregard our feelings because they’re too hard or too inconvenient? Guess what: They always, ALWAYS come back. Sometimes in the form of much uglier things like sadness, depression, anger, or sickness. The heart wants what the heart wants, and the body responds accordingly. Our lives respond accordingly. They are the manifestation of what we ALLOW ourselves to feel, and how we respond to those feelings. This I know is unequivocally true. I’ve seen the power of feelings at play when I do what makes me happy. No over-thinking, no rationalizing, no apologies. Peace comes, as do amazing opportunities, experiences and relationships. When I don’t at least acknowledge those feelings, I’m denying self-respect. Not every burst of emotion needs to be acted upon, but we do need to honor them. That is how we honor ourselves. Let’s feel this shit you guys!



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