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November 17, 2014

The Animals Who Save Us

molly naps 2

This is one of those topics that’s almost too big for me to tackle. Anxiety, depression, fear . . . they’ve got nothing on the feelings I feel for this creature.  Try as I may to honor her every day with long walks and cuddles and carrot sticks, Molly Thomas (named after my beloved late father-in-law, Tom, with whom she shares a birthday) deserves more love than she gives. She deserves a blog post. If you have a deep well in your heart for the animal kingdom, feel a pitter patter in your stomach every time you see a bunny rabbit or nuzzle a horse, then you know. If you cry on the treadmill at the gym during those damn Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials, you also know. And if you have a dog or another special pet, you most definitely know. They are a gift that we benefit from beyond measure. They love unconditionally and without being asked. They do the darndest, smartest things without being taught. They know just what to do when we are sad, and make sure we don’t stay that way for long. I wish I could give Miss Molly more in return. It pains me to say goodbye in the morning and to shoo her away when she attempts to lay across my laptop (they even know when you’re working too much). I try to take her outside no matter how cold it is or how tired I am because the joy it brings her to play in the snow instantly becomes my joy. I scratch her ears and curl up next to her every chance I get. Sometimes the gratitude I feel is so overwhelming that I look at Molly and ask: Where did you come from? And how did I get so lucky? I know she knows what I’m saying because she practically purrs and buries her soft face in my hands.



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