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November 10, 2014

Let it Go


Over the weekend, I spent a magical, moving night in a very special barn with like-minded women, goblets of wine and tiny lobster BLTs that I can’t stop thinking about. If I did drugs, I imagine this is what they would feel like. But first there was candlelit yoga, taught by Katie Jasper who is so vulnerable, joyful and non-judgmental in her approach that I started to think I could actually learn to love yoga. At the end of our session, while everyone was laying in sweet, sweet savasana, she encouraged us to let go of the things we can’t change. The events, circumstances or people that we hold onto for dear life, but which might actually be holding us back. Friends, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the barn after that. All of these gorgeous, strong women, many of whom I’ve known and looked up to for years, were laying in a fetal position letting shit go. It was a beautiful thing. For me, and maybe you, letting go doesn’t come naturally. Our first instinct is to TRY HARDER. We are practically programed as a culture that if you can’t “fix” something or make it all better, you’ve failed. Well not everything needs fixing and many things are not your responsibility to fix. They’re often things that make us uncomfortable or sad or anxious. And chances are, you did your best. Now acknowledge, and let it go. A friend of mine visualizes sending troubles down river in a box. I give mine up to the universe. Whatever ritual works for you—a little bra burning never hurt anyone—I hope you’ll join me in practicing it often and celebrating the space you’ve created to let in the good stuff. Much love + inner peace to you all this week!  p.s. Katie hosts Happy Hour Yoga every Friday night at The Barn in St. Paul. I plan to go as often as humanly possible. 


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