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November 3, 2014

The Risk of Only Doing Things You’re Good At


Hello, hello! Hope you had a splendid weekend. Since writing this post, I’ve tried to tune more to the moments I’m letting fear guide my thoughts, feelings and decisions. It’s actually pretty shocking how easy it is to fall into this pattern, and why is that? I remembered something my mother observed about me: I don’t like to do anything I’m not good at. I’ve been that way my whole life. And, seeing as how it’s pretty impossible to be good at something that you’ve never tried or spent a long time practicing, that leaves a lot of experiences unexplored because I was too afraid of being bad at them. Or too afraid of falling down? Getting hurt? Making a fool out of myself? I’m living proof that perfectionist tendencies can make you an ambitious, successful person but they can also hold you back. It’s one thing if you’re truly not interested in bungee jumping, but another if you are and don’t take the plunge out of fear. Okay, bad example. Here’s a better one. A friend recently invited me to join her at Prescribe Nutrition’s Evening of Yoga + Great Food to raise money for their incredible new feel-good recipe site. It’s being held at the beautiful Yellow Barn Wellness, Agraculture chef Tim Scott is cooking, and I just know there will be that magical mood that only happens when like-minded people come together on a Saturday night to support a worthy cause. Only . . . I suck at yoga. Like, really suck. Until we get to Savasana. So I hesitated. Only for a few minutes, but long enough to observe my fears at play. No, a yoga dinner is not some big, scary monster or a massive undertaking like starting your own business or asking for a raise. But it was an opportunity for greater self awareness. If you find yourself holding back out of fear, try shifting your focus to what you could miss out on by being afraid. Are you willing to take that chance or to make that sacrifice? I’ll be working on it right along with you. Starting with doing downward dog.

yellow barn

There are still a few spots left at Prescribe Nutrition’s Evening of Yoga + Great Food, this Saturday, November 8!  It’s going to be amazing: a one-hour yoga class atYellow Barn Wellness followed by a multi-course dinner by renowned Minneapolis Chef Tim Scott. Everyone gets a PN grocery bag with some fun surprises (hint: One Love Organics) + 1 year all access to the premium version of PN’s recipe site. Tickets are $125 and can be reserved by emailing All I ask is that you avert your eyes when I’m attempting tree pose.

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