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October 2, 2014

7 Fall Makeup Finds You’re Going to Want


A new season is upon us and my favorite (cosmetics-related) ritual is to clean out my makeup drawer—tossing expired items, organizing it all in neat rows, and adding some new products. Here are a few items that have totally won my heart as of late:

(clockwise)  1. Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Color in Tutti-Cutie ($19) – My husband often remarks on my affinity for buying things for their packaging (I always want the fancy bottled water) and I’ll admit that was totally the case when I spotted this pretty lip color. First of all, look at the little package it came in. Adorable. And second, who wouldn’t want to whip that out of their purse and apply it? It looks so vintage and chic. While the packaging totally convinced me to buy it, the sheer, coral wash of color has become a definite keeper (and it’s as moisturizing as a chapstick).

2. Tarte BB Tinted Treatment ($ 35) – I’m pretty good at keeping SPF on my face all day every day, so come the end of summer my decolletage is noticeably more “sun kissed” than my face. To even things up I headed to my local Sephora in search of a product that I could buy in a darker tan shade but that wouldn’t look muddy on my face. This BB Tinted Treatment was perfect—it smooths out your skin, acts as a 12-hour primer, has SPF 30, and subtly darkened my overall tone. I wear it underneath a mineral foundation and the result is perfect!

3. Eyeko Brow Liner ($19) – Just “wow” is all I can really say about this product. The tip, as you can see, is very fine. And while you might think it is a felt tip it is actually a brush tip (lots of tiny, fine bristles). The liquid is light and semi-transparent so that you don’t get that “whoa, eyebrows” look but instead can fill in sparse brows very naturally. Bonus: it stays on all day and night.

4. Eyeko VisualEyes Liner ($19) – Again, the tip is made of bristles, not a felt tip. I typically tight-line my eyes and I have never used a liner that did the job so well or so neatly. This puppy seems to be sold out everywhere, so if you find one grab it up!

5. Dior Addict Lip Glow in Sheer Natural Pink ($33) – Again, this product enhances the natural color of your lips and I’m always amazed by how great it looks. It’s rather casual, so I keep it in my bag as an any time, every day color.

6. Dior Healthy Glow Blush in Awakening ($44) – The color of this blush is a bit, well, shocking. It’s bubblegum pink and not everyone could pull that off. But Dior has formulated this blush to work with your natural skintone and produce a natural wash of color. It’s perfect every time. I loved it this summer over sun-kissed skin, but I know it’ll be perfect this winter as well.

7. Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Lady Ruba ($32.50) – Before you fall in love with this let me say that it is limited edition. Still available, but maybe not for long. Bets raved about it earlier this summer and I promptly ordered it after seeing how amazing it looked on her. I have a lot of favorite lipsticks but this one moved quickly to the top, for all the reasons she mentioned.


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