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September 2, 2014

Hitting the Reset Button

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There’s a lot I tell myself I’m going to do. Wake up early and work out. Watch only ONE episode of The Killing, not three. Organize my closets. Eat more vegetables. Stop beating myself for not to do any of the above consistently. And yet, I keep attacking these goals in the exact same way to no avail. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?! Take my diet, for example. Although I’m a generally healthy eater and feel my best when I lay off refined sugar and gluten, I can’t seem to prioritize cooking wholesome meals like I used to. I pin all of these beautiful, healthy recipes but don’t find the time to make them. There is direct correlation between work, stress, and the amount of take-out I consume. Which is why it’s time to for a new approach. A reset, if you will. What better time than fall for a fresh start?

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I’ve been following the Prescribe Nutrition ladies, Katie Jasper and Megan Morris, on Instagram for awhile and always love their positive, no-nonsense approach to living and eating well. They make healthy food look like a gift to yourself. They don’t count calories. And I totally want to have a slumber party with them. On September 15, PN is kicking off  Reset: 14, a two-week-long virtual therapy session in making good food choices—no matter what is going on in your life. And there’s always something . . . I’m completing Reset: 14 during a girls weekend and have no intention of forgoing margaritas. That’s the point: acquire the tools (and recipes!) to make healthy eating work for you. If the payoff is anything like PN describes—increased energy, better sleep, balanced moods, better fitting pants—I’m going to be one happy camper.

reset14If you’re ready to hit the reset button too, join me for Reset:14 and take 20% OFF with promo code beautybets20. There will be videos and podcasts, customized recipes, discussion boards and the kind of support system we all could use. It’s like having a nutritionist on call for two weeks. And the best part is you can participate no matter where you live. For more information on how PN’s programs work, check out this peppy video. Hope to see you on the internets soon! I’ll be sure to keep the rest of you posted here on the blog, and on Instagram.


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