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June 15, 2014

Beauty Blog Snooping

Hello lovelies! I’m back from a heavenly beach week and spent the better part of the day procrastinating by cuddling with Molly Thomas, weeding the garden, and catching up on my favorite beauty blogs. Sometimes I swear that reading for pleasure is the greatest luxury of all. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.56.11 PM

312 Beauty makes a case for NARS The Matte Multiple in Siam. She doesn’t need to twist my arm to want the warmth that tomato red on my own lips and cheeks!


A one-minute makeup routine sounds like crazy talk—until you get a load of BareMinerals’ new BareSkin serum foundation on Clementine Daily.



I can’t get enough of coral lips for summer. Especially with a (faux) tan and black from head to toe. Cheetah is the New Black has us covered.

genius hair tool dryer cupofjo

Can one of those hot air brushes really do this? I’m inspired by this photo from Cup of Jo to find out!



Our girl Maya over at Charmingly Styled has a way with sussing out beauty steals without making you feel like your skimping on a thing.

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