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March 16, 2014

An Evening With My Psychic

Yes, I have a psychic and her name is Christine Schroeder. I’ve been meaning to post this for far too long but let’s just say that writing about having a psychic isn’t quite as simple as sharing your current shampoo obsession. Some people look at me funny when I tell them I have spiritual guides. Others take a step closer and beg for their name and number. Usually I find that those people, whether believers or simply hopefuls, are kindred souls. On this particular night back in January. I invited a few friends and co-workers to an evening with Christine. New Year, New You! was the call to action. And there a dozen of us, confident career women ever in-charge of our very full lives and enormous dreams, let go of the reins for just a few hours.

I’ve learned about myself from seeing a psychic for the past five years but the biggie it’s that I can’t control everything—nor do I want to any more. So much of the good that has happened in my life was a surprise, a happy accident. Or was it? I’d like to think that there are other forces as play, sometimes gently and sometimes mightily, steering my life in directions I couldn’t have imagined for myself even if I had tried. Christine, ironically, helps ground me. And when she is right, which she ALWAYS is (just ask my friend who Christine predicted would have twins—before she was even pregnant), it reminds me that I can’t do it all, plan it all, BE it all. Sometimes, you just have to trust yourself, trust in the universe, and go with the flow of life. There is one, you know. A flow. We just fight it don’t we?

If you’re curious or in need of some spiritual guidance—career and relationship transitions are amazing times to see a psychic!—I can’t recommend Christine enough. She sees individual clients at her studio in Minneapolis or will come to you for parties and small groups. To book an appointment or event, contact Christine at or 612-910-2417. If you live elsewhere, good news: she Skypes!

My friends at Kitchen in the Market were kind enough to host and ply us with champagne and oysters while Melissa Oholendt generously snapped these shots—thanks girls!

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