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January 30, 2014

Lash Week: How to Apply Esqido Mink Falsies

esquido mink false lashes

Women seem to have a love/hate relationship with false lashes. Nothing amps up your look like a pair of falsies, and yet there’s always a bit of hesitation because, let’s face it, they can be a nightmare to apply. They can start to fall-off halfway through the evening. And sometimes they can just end up looking bizarre! Enter Esqido mink lashes. These babies are 100-percent genuine mink fur (that is naturally shed from the little fellas), attached to a cotton strip. Translation: They’re practically weightless, unbelievably natural (yet fabulous) looking, cost around $35 per pair and, best of all, can be worn up to 30 times! I don’t think I will ever wear a pair of single-use synthetics again! Here are my tips for applying Esqido mink lashes and keeping them looking fabulous all day and night:


1. Check out and pick out your favorite pair of lashes. I recommend something natural looking like the Little Black Lash (pictured above, $34.99).
2. Apply your eye makeup and mascara first, BEFORE the falsies.
3. Use a tweezers to carefully remove the lashes from the packaging—they’re delicate and light!
4. Shape them! This is the most important part of preparing lashes. Take the lash and bend it into a “C” shape. Hold it for 30-60 seconds. This helps it fit the natural shape of your eye and prevents the ends from wanting to lift.
5. Hold the lash up to your eye and determine if it needs to be trimmed. If it seems to extend past your natural lash line trim it from the outside.
6. Time for adhesive. We love Duo Brand because it is formulated without parabens or sulfates. Go for the version that dries clear. To make the glue application easy, try using a small concealer brush and having a container or piece of foil handy. When you’re ready to apply the lashes simply put a pea-size amount of the adhesive on your surface, then use the brush to apply a thin line along the band of the lash. Put a little extra on each end. Then put a small “test patch” of the adhesive on the back of your hand. This helps you know when to put the lash up to your actual eye. You don’t want to press it on when the adhesive is still wet. Instead, wait until the adhesive on your hand turns partially clear and is tacky to the touch.
7. Press the lash to your lash line and use an orange stick to adjust it. Use the orange stick to press down each end for 20-30 seconds to secure it. After a few minutes you can use a lash brush to carefully brush your natural lashes and blend them into the falsies. This not only makes them look more natural but also helps keep them in place. You can check out Esqido’s FAQ page for information on caring for the lashes and reusing them!

Oh, and get 5% off your Esqido order with code: WINTER.

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