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January 24, 2014

Say Aloha to the Best Powdered Green Drink

Aloha The Daily Good Green Drink | Beauty Bets{photo credit: Choosing Raw}

You don’t have to do a full-on detox or juice cleanse to start incorporating some of their hallmarks into your daily life. I know it sounds SO cliche but I’ve learned that if I have a few healthy staples on hand—frozen berries, avocados and spinach for a smoothies; kale and apples for juicing; almond butter for sugar cravings—I’m less likely to reach for something questionable. I even keep a jug of Naked Green Machine in the fridge for snack or breakfast in a pinch. At the office I have a reputation for walking around with a swampy looking glass that’s filled with water and some powdered green drink. My current blend of choice is Aloha’s The Daily Good. Each individual serving is packed with 10 whole foods including spirulina, wheat grass, berries, vitamin d-rich mushrooms, and ginger for digestion boost. They’re dried using a special process that retains 100 percent of the nutrients. I like that there’s no artificial sweetener or flavors, but I also that The Daily Good tastes REAL. Not as grassy as some, making it mellow enough to drink straight with water and awesome added to fruit smoothies. It’s not only a super-convenient way to sneak in extra veggies, but it’s the most natural way to stay energized through the afternoon slump.

Good things don’t often come cheap and at $75 for 30 packets The Daily Good is no exception. But at $2.50/serving it’s a smart alternative to pricier fresh-pressed juices. Plus, you can try it for free for seven days from now through January 31. Bottoms up!

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