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September 19, 2013

Why I Spent $100 on a Pair of Leggings

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I’m sure there are lots and lots of fabulous leggings out there for less than $20. I have even owned a few of them that served me well—until they faded and started drooping at the knees. Not the look I’m going for. Leggings have become a staple in both my work and weekend wardrobes. I can wear them to the office without anyone realizing they might as well be pajamas or  slip them into my wellies for a day of lunching and shopping. Why would I not invest in a pair of  leggings just as I would denim? Or, for some of you, Lululemon pants? That sounded well and good in theory, but when confronted with the actual purchase I left several pairs in shopping carts overnight, just to be sure that spending $92 on spandex wasn’t madness.

It wasn’t.

In the end I nabbed a a pair of Spanx Ready to Wow Structured Leggings. The name leaves something to be desired but oh friends, the leggings do not. They are everything I was looking for and more: totally opaque but not bulky, stretchy but not shiny, structured not slouchy. Unlike most leggings, they don’t contain cotton, rather a polyester/spandex blend that isn’t budging and won’t fade. In typical Spanx fashion they hold everything in—including places I didn’t realize needed holding in—and the effect is most flattering. There’s even a wide waistband that I swear shaves two inches off my waist and makes my tees and tunics lay ever so smoothly. If you see me out and about wearing my Spanx Ready to Wow Structured Leggings, feel free to give them a tug. I bought mine on ShopBop but they are also available at Nordstrom!

What amazing leggings have you discovered this season? Do tell. 

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