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May 22, 2013

We Heart MAC RiRi Woo

Girls: Say hello to the newest member of team BB, Kara Nesvig aka @myfakeyelashes. She’s like a blonde, badass version of my much younger self—and a brilliant writer to boot (xoJane!). I’ve never seen her without nail polish. Or black eyeliner. Or lipstick. Hence the Lipstick Queen column that starts now . . .


Even though I collect red lipsticks (goin’ strong at 50+), MAC Ruby Woo is the only one I truly can’t live without. She is perfect; super-matte and long-lasting, a pinup girl’s dream bright retro red (Bets agrees). It’s also my most-complimented red. So of course I was excited to see that my homegirl Rihanna loves Ruby Woo so much that when MAC asked her to design a capsule collection, she put her own stamp on their classic red with RiRi Woo.

kara-nesvigShe’s a beaut: bluer than Ruby, but just as stunningly “pow!” as her sister shade. But it’s the texture really stole my heart; I like my red lipsticks INSANELY matte. (If I’m still wearing it when I wake up in the morning, I’m happy.) RiRi Woo is a limited edition shade, which means I’m going to have to stockpile. The first batch sold out in three hours, but the next will be released in June with the seasonal installment of the RiRi Hearts MAC collection. Don’t wanna wait? Wet ‘n’ Wild Red Velvet, about $2 at drugstores, is pretty similar. I own that too, obviously. –Kara

P.S. Those would be press-on nails.

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