February 26, 2013

Can’t Live Without My Key Pieces

Remember my hair extensions? When I first got them back in August at The Beauty Room, it was the closest thing to bombshell hair I’ll ever have. But even with only about 20 ‘key pieces’ (Mi Shaun has a way with words), my round brush would get snagged on them, making a proper blowout virtually impossible. Also, despite shamelessly flaunting a full set of lash extensions, I prefer the hair on my head to feel and look like my own—only better. So Mi Shaun has me down to about a dozen extensions total, concentrated around my face where hair tends to thin out thanks to those pesky ears. Here’s what they look like before getting cut to size.

And here’s what they look like after. I only take photos of myself in bathrooms that have pretty, flocked wallpaper that coordinates with my outfit, BTW. But seriously, a few key pieces go a long way to creating a fuller look. And these last a good four months, cost a reasonable $100-$150, and haven’t damaged my hair in the least. I told Mi Shaun to keep a box of them in back with my name on it, but I’m happy to share.



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