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June 20, 2012

Beauty Thrifter Goes to the Beach

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I’m pretty much dying with anticipation over my upcoming beach vacation. My new-to-me ’50s play suit is packed, my passport’s been renewed and now it’s time to stock my beach bag with essentials. Since I’m traveling super light, “all killer, no filler” shall be my mantra.  –Meghan
I refuse to waste precious beach time rubbing in a heavy cream sunscreen. Neutrogena’s Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock SPF 45 ($9) provides grease-free, water-proof protection and is super-soothing upon spraying. It’s a wonder for hitting hard to reach areas like my back and behind my knees.
Chlorine and salt water can wreck dry hair like mine, so before I jump in the water I make sure to work a quarter-sized dollop of Yes to Carrots Leave-In Conditioner ($9) through my fragile ends. The argan oil and protein-packed cream acts like a buffer between your tresses and the water and leaves hair nourished and strong.
Here’s something I’m not necessarily proud of: I freakin’ love Sun-In ($5). I know, I know. What am I, like 13-years-old? But to me, Sun-In is as much a summertime fixture as beer brats and backyard barbecues. It gives me blonde highlights that rival the salon streaks I pay for all winter. Spritz on damp hair and let the sun bake it in—except if you’re a brunette, in which case do not go near this stuff with a 10-foot pole unless you want orange hair.
Alba Hawaiian After-Sun Lotion ($12) is as perfect a summer moisturizer as they come. Infused with Kona coffee (caffeine soothes) and packed with high-quality natural moisturizers like almond oil, aloe and shea butter, it’s a divinely creamy way to enrich skin after a day in the sun. And unlike other after-sun lotions that can leave skin smelling like you spilled your pina colada all over yourself, this cream has a nutty, subtly tropical scent.
Some other goodies I won’t be forgetting: Jenny Lawson’s memoir, a thrifted cotton scarf to use as a head wrap (see Dani’s post on turbands for how to tie!), thrifted sunglasses, my pink Pendleton beach towel and speakers for my iPod. Because no day at the beach is complete without some classic rock, right? Right.

What’s in your beach bag this summer?

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