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May 6, 2012

The Shine Stops Here: Murad Skin Perfecting Primer

I was in hot and steamy Kansas City this weekend for a wedding and the only part of my body not covered in a layer of dew AT ALL TIMES was my face. I have Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Acne & Shine Control ($35) to thank for this massive feat. Here’s a product I never would’ve thought to try—I don’t have acne or oily skin—that totally saved me from a makeup meltdown. I didn’t even reach for my blotting papers. It’s lightweight and silky, melts right into skin, and leaves a matte finish without a pasty film. It’s also tinted, which evened out my skin beautifully—so much so that I considered skipping my tinted altogether. I used it over my entire face, but for sub 90-degree days will probably just stick to the t-zone. Add a little powdered bronzer and you’re on your way.

  • Elizabeth Dehn
    Born and raised in Minnesota by surprisingly low-maintenance parents, beauty writer and lifestyle editor Elizabeth Dehn (aka Bets) spent her awkward years buying Mood lipstick and whipping up DIY face masks before founding Beauty Bets in 2009.
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