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April 24, 2012

Break out the Crystal Deo!

People are particular about their deodorant, myself included. Even after Hannah’s thorough investigation, I haven’t had the nerve to break my anti-perspirant addiction. Then Kate S. came along and has me thinking about crystal deodorant. Next thing you know I’ll be breaking out my Birkenstoks.

She writes:
After trying Toms (major stink), Soapwalla (irritated my skin and offers no smell protection) and going au natural (that didn’t last long), I picked up the Crystal Deodorant Stick for Men ($7), thinking it might be a little stronger, and it is AMAZING! It actually works better than any conventional deodorant ever did, and never needs an afternoon reapplication. I got it at Whole Foods, and it was actually an amazing little trip. I was asking this woman all sorts of questions about sweat and stink (poor girl) and she said the crystal was a top seller. I definitely had my doubts but will never look back!

Anyone else convinced? Let’s start a crystal club!


  • Elizabeth Dehn
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