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July 24, 2011

40% Off Painless Laser Hair Removal!

I scoffed when I heard about a new spa that was promoting painless hair removal. Amazing, life-changing and time-saving—yes. But painless? Impossible. Although I wouldn’t exactly call it painful, laser hair removal is definitely uncomfortable. A combination of a rubber band snapping and a small electrical shock. And yet, I was willing to up with it in exchange for never having to shave or wax again. Little did I know it didn’t have to be that way. At the Metropolitan on France in Edina I experienced a new FDA-approved laser that sends low pulses of energy to the hair follicles, permanently destroying them. Instead of zapping my underarms over and over again, it simply bathed them in warmth, like a hot stone massage. ZERO PAIN. I mean, it actually felt pleasant. I’m still in shock. And the results? Out of this world. I had been going to a reputable chain for nearly two years for my underarms (which weren’t a jungle to begin with, mind you), and after one visit to the Metropolitan I have nothing left. The spa’s owner told me that the first treatment usually destroys about 75 percent of hair follicles—and I totally believe her. Oh but wait. It gets better! Now through August 31, the Metropolitan is offering 40 percent off laser hair removal packages. Prices vary by area, but you’ll spend less than you would on a year of bikini waxes for a lifetime of hair-free! Click here for more info or call 952-288-2230 to book your appointment. I am so excited for you!

Note: Non-Minnesota residents click here to find an Alma laser location near you.

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