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July 7, 2011

Check out My Fatsicle

I hope this doesn’t totally gross you guys out. It’s my stomach, post Coolsculpting treatment. You’d think I was packing a stick of butter when in fact this is what happens when your fat is sandwiched and frozen between two metal paddles for an hour. I stopped by Zel Skin and Laser last week to get the scoop on Coolsculpting and wound up in scrubs, filming a COMMERCIAL (don’t worry, you’ll know when that goes live). The treatment is designed for people who eat right and exercise regularly but just can’t get rid of those saddlebags/muffin top/back fat/post-baby pooch. For me it was the inch I can pinch in my lower tummy. I have a four-pack but the six-pack remains elusive no matter how many crunches I do. Although it will be a few months before the results are in—I should lose at least 20 percent of that fatsicle—you can check out other before & after photos here. Pretty impressive, no?

Coolsculpting treatments cost $1500 per area with up to two treatments required. Zel is currently offering $150 off the service.

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