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March 3, 2011

I Colored My Hair for the First Time

Okay, so it wasn’t technically the first time. There may be a few boxes of Natural Instincts in my closet, but that was high school. This is the real deal. I had planned on remaining a color virgin until turning gray (ie NEVER), partly because my dark brown hair had always suited me just fine, but mostly because I try to keep my monthly “maintenance” to a minimum. Then the BODY WAVE happened. I know I said I loved the results but honestly, it’s been somewhat of a nightmare. My formerly shiny, healthy hair turned dry and dull and, as a result, about a shade lighter. I tried all manner of deep-conditioning masks and serums to little avail. It wasn’t until I met Mi Shaun Schmidt Schwab that I knew what I had to do.

BEFORE  {kinky, dry, hot mess}

The owner of The Beauty Room in Minneapolis and one of the country’s top colorists (Allure mag concurs), Mi Shaun swore to me that a semi-permanent color would add shine without drying out my hair, and fade naturally without any visible roots (or mandatory up-keep). I took one look at her gorgeous blonde mane and went for it. Before I arrived for my appointment she had already custom-blended a color based on on my skin tone. THANK YOU. Here was a stylist who understood what a brassy, red, purplish, or jett-black shade would do to my complexion. Her goal was to give me back my rich, chocolatey pre-perm hair. She also diluted the color with clear gloss for even more shine. (FYI – you can even request clear gloss only, which people do all the time). The final step was a little balayage—hand-painted warm brown highlights around my face, detectable only when the light catches them just so. “You never want haircolor to look like a wig,” says Mi Shaun. No, we do not. I also got my brows tinted to match, which makes them look fuller and pulls the whole look together. Athough it took 30-odd years, I’m officially a color convert. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I’ll let you decide!

AFTER {smooth, shiny amazingness}

The Beauty Room
4300 Chicago Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN. 55407

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