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December 3, 2010

How to Get Your Glow Back

When I can see the bottom of a product jar, I know I’ve struck gold. Don’t hate me, but oftentimes I only use something a few times then give it—or throw it—away because it’s time to test the next thing. With Karin Herzog Vit-A-Kombi 1, however, you’ll have to pry my hands away as I scrape out the final contents like a crazy person.

The hard-to-find (and under-the-radar until Her Highness revealed she, too, uses it) brand was founded in Switzerland by scientist and Nobel honoree Dr. Paul Herzog, who pioneered the use of oxygen in beauty products. According to the company’s U.K. managing director, Julie Cichocki, the oxygen “turns on the skin” so that it can function optimally and respond more effectively to other ingredients. I do love my oxygen facials, so had no trouble believing these claims. The Vit-a-Kombi also helps with cell regeneration. Those two words are music to my thirtysomething ears—and should be to yours if you suffer from discoloration, fine lines, acne, or lackluster skin. I think that’s pretty much everyone.

I’ve never used anything like the Vit-A-Kombi—you don’t rub it in, it leaves you skin (temoporarily) red in the areas you’re most oxygen-deprived—so it took awhile for my skin to adjust and for me to pinpoint the results. When they came, it was like a veil of sunspots and dullness had been lifted from my face. My skin looks brighter, thicker—if that makes sense—and definitely less speckled. I haven’t seen this combination of results from many products, including prescription whiteners, and never in a skin cream. I’m asking Santa for the Vit-A-Komb 2, which contains an even higher percentages of oxygen. Fa la la la la!

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