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July 7, 2010

Eyebrow Threading at Blink for Beauty

Last week, after some encouragement from y’all, I had my brows threaded for the first time. Oh man, I am just CRAZY about this treatment! It didn’t hurt one bit, just felt a little prickly. And unlike with waxing, I had zero redness or bumps afterward. The secret is in the thread’s proximity to the hair root, which means minimal “lifting” of the skin. That, my friends, is where irritation begins. None of this magic can happen without a top-notch practitioner like Christina at Blink for Beauty. She’s more of a brow therapist, gently teasing out the most flattering shape with a few flicks of her wrist. And her studio! Wildly chic and cozy in a way that only a video could capture. Unfort, my foray into technology does not come without a price. You get this short film in two parts!

First up, a mini-tour of Blink:

Am I right?! Okay, then blogger Katie Stedman just so happened to drop by after my appointment so I caught her threading on tape:

Three cheers for threading! Who’s ready to give it a go?

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