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June 7, 2010

Thick Hair Rules!

Those of who don’t have it, want it. For those of you who do have it—hair so thick you can barely wrap your ponytail-holder around it (damn you and your big hair!)—the grass is always greener. Since by now y’all are painfully aware of my long, fine locks, I’ve commissioned Megan From Minneapolis to divulge everything she knows about learning to love and tame your voluminous tresses:

1. Find an expert stylist. The thicker the hair, the more high the maintenance. Ensuring your stylist knows her way around handfuls of hair is priority number one. Also, she can give great advice, like this tip my stylist Cheryl, at Jon Charles Salon in Uptown, gave me:

2. Keep it moisturized. Thick hair can dry out easier and faster than thin hair, so it’s important to use a moisturizing shampoo—I’ve always had good luck with Pantene’s. Cheryl also recommends a deep conditioning treatment like Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense once a week.

3. Give it a good brushing. Thick hair can knot and matte up within minutes, but the right brush can help keep snarls away. I recommend a strong, wooden paddle brush, like this one from Aveda, which I have used my entire life!

4. Keep it long (or short). Thick hair cut above the chin but below the ear can have a poofy effect.

5. Thin it out. When all else fails, ask your stylist to thin out your locks. It can be one of the best, most miraculous ways to deal with unruly and heavy hair.

Does this story sound familiar? How do you manage YOUR massive mane?

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