April 29, 2016

Get Thee to Whole Foods, Midwesterners!

When I first met Suzanne from One Love Organics, it was obvious we were going to hit it off. We had so much to talk about regarding skincare and wellness, and from that friendship many beautiful things were born, our ED4OLO skincare collection, of course, but she also gave me an appreciation for natural makeup and […]

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April 26, 2016

Trend Report: Fresh + Clean

photo: Chris McDuffie Maybe it’s the Sports Illustrated supermodels from my formative years, or that episode from GIRLS where Marnie emerges from the lake still looking like a goddess in her red sequin gown (possibly the only thing I enjoyed about that episode), but I’ve always felt best in my skin wearing nothing more than a […]

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April 25, 2016

Morning Practice: How I Spend the First Hour of the Day

Well good morning! How did you spend it? Chasing babies, hitting the tread mill, or catching up on the blogs? When the lovely team at Byrdie asked what I do in the first hour of the day, I think they were expecting I’d share my favorite foundation and how I take in my coffee (Jane Iredale BB Cream and whole […]

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